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Since I research a lot on the Internet and thus get a lot of information, my idea was to make a page on making money on the Internet, there are many pages on the topic has been online, has properly researched but hardly anyone. What awaits you here, I will here some ideas on how to work online and make money online. On this page I will also try to give INSIDER know what others are not doing. All my web pages are SPY FREE , meant to mean on my websites there are no cookies that spy on your surfing habits! Also I create all my web pages myself in the HTML code, I know them by heart, but if something does not work, Google will continue to help me, I will create my pages without a program, software, a simple text editor will suffice for me and the pages will work as well like this one just written here with my smartphone and android. This allows me to be very flexible, I need only a smartphone and Internet and I can already create pages. Flexible as well, since I can do this from any point on earth, I admit that I'm proud of it.
As a first tip :
From October to February, you should visit my site every few weeks, in the other months I do not have so much time to work on my web pages, because I prefer to be outdoors and do photo reports.


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Fiverr is an marketplace for digital services. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, the company was founded in 2010 and offers freelancers the opportunity to offer their services worldwide.
Everyone can earn sign up and money by working online!

Tip: If you advertise members at the moment, you will receive 100 $ per new member recruited.

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You've heard of it?
But do you know that 85%
of all Bitcoins are geminted?
18 million of all 21 million bitcoins are already gone!
Bitcoins are limited to 21 million.

More information about Bitcoins I found on a German Wikipedia page, people from other countries, I recommend the page with Google Chrome to open and then have them translated.

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The best

freebitco.in Per hour opportunity to win $ 200 in Bitcoin, get at least 0.00000021 BTC per hour!

freebitcoin.io Per hour opportunity to win $ 300 in Bitcoin, get at least 0.00000002 BTC per hour!

On the internet you can find many other websites about bitcoins, winning, earning, etc, but these two are sites that I can really recommend.


Here is my review of the Android App for Smartphone Server Mining.

I tested the app on the following devices: Smartphone 4 processors Android 7.0 - Tablet 4 processors Android 8.0 and Smartphone 8 processors Android 9.0. The installation of the app on the PlayStore ran without any problems. After installation, click on Shop below and pick one or more miners. Then you go back and start the app by pressing the green arrow and you're ready to go. The app runs smoothly in the background even when the screen is off. The power consumption is minimal I have on all devices about 5 - 10% of the battery in 3 hours Consumed with the screen off. The app runs both with Wifi and data network the consumption of data is very minimal. With the 4 processor devices the speed of the smartphone and tablet sank by approx. 20% - 25%, with the 8 processor processor one sensed absolutely no speed loss. Every day there is a bonus that increases the speed of surfing, usually there is the bonus every 2-4 hours. There is a payout (Withdraw) for comparison of 0.05 BTC for comparison I mine now for about 1 month and I am at about 0.00135 BTC at the same speed you need so almost 50 months to disbursement.

Conclusion: Anyone who has a 4-processor smartphone lying around and barely using it can pay for nothing or hardly anything after about 50 months to pay out 0.05 BTC. If you have an 8-processor smartphone, you can use it and run the app along the way without any loss.

Name of the app: Server Mining from the PlayStore

If you want a bonus from 0.0005 BTC, go to Referal and insert this code : HUDWEFSM

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