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Gladiator Palumbus

In a gladiator graveyard in Ephesus, they found a grave stone from Gladiator Palumbus. Since my name is even Palumbo (lat. Palumbus), I have found some from the Internet to, here are some important and interesting links: Many people believe that the palm branch on the grave stone is a sign of victory, but I have found that a palm branch actually a symbol of justice is, it may be both. It is possible that descendants from Gladiator Palumbus are later moved to Italy , because there was a boat service from Ephesus to Taranto. The name Palumbo found in Taranto often.

Here is the link collection :

Dying in the Arena the Osseous Evidence from Ephesian Gladiators

Gladiator Palumbus - On Book !

Gladiator Palumbus

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Gladiator Palumbus, Gladiators Ephesus ...

Pigeon Columba Palumbus

The Pigeon (Columba palumbus) is a large species in the dove and pigeon family. It belongs to the Columba genus and, like all pigeons and doves, belongs to the family Colunbidae.

Biblical :
The dove plays the role of joyful ambassador to the biblical flood narrative.
An abandoned by Noah dove returns with a fresh olive branch in its beak to the ark.

On the Internet you will find many sites on the wood pigeon in the field of wildlife, as well as from the Bible and legends.

Here is the link collection :

Common wood pigeon Wikipedia

Common woodpigeon columba palumbus

Birds of the bible at the lords dedication

Other pages can be found on Google :
Columba Palumbus


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